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Frequently asked questions

All the training courses I give take place in my own Florence Laval Studios – for now in Paris & Den Haag for professionals, & in Den Haag for beginners.

Florence Laval business is incorporated in the Netherlands.

The prices listed for beauty addicts and beginners (= trainees who do not have a company) include the VAT (21% by default).

The prices listed for beauty professionals and businesses do not include VAT.

  • The applicable VAT rate between two companies incorporated in the Netherlands is 21%.
  • The applicable VAT rate between two companies where one is incorporated in the Netherlands and the other one is incorporated elsewhere in Europe is 0% if the client can provide a VAT number to Florence Laval. By law, invoices issued by Florence Laval must clearly state the 0% VAT rate as well as the VAT tax numbers of both companies. Otherwise, the 21% tax rate will have to be applied by default, even to a professional client.


The above means that the VAT rate applicable to VAT-exempt small businesses in France or Belgium for example, is 21%.

If you sign up to the complete certifying course, I will be teaching you the Facelift Holistic Experience® protocol in its entirety. I’ll also teach you how to personalise your treatments. I’ll teach you which steps to really focus on, as well as the combinations you can use in order for every single treatment to be as effective as possible. You’ll learn how to commercialise the Facelift Holistic Experience® in an optimal way. The recommended pricing for one treatment is around 150-190€. I encourage you to propose the treatment to your clients:
  • three or four times a year from the age of 30
  • every three to four weeks when nearing 40
  • twice a month from age 50
You’ll therefore be equipped to generate the needed return on your investment in your business.

As soon as you feel the desire to be trained, either for pleasure or for business (or for both), I suggest you register your interest via the contact forms for professionals or for amateurs. This enables me to assess which module has to come first on my training schedule and to form the most adapted small learning groups.

So the earlier, the best.

This Facelift Holistic Experience® certifying course is made up of five units spread over approximately one month per unit, or 80 hours of theoretical and practical lessons. It must be completed in its entirety in order for the trainee to receive the Facelift Holistic Experience® certificate, and become an official Florence Laval Studio Facialist. Once the Florence Laval Studio has certified your course, you can add the Facelift Holistic Experience® to your treatment menu and entice your first clients.

The Facelift Holistic Experience® was born from my experience of body and face massages. I created this complete signature treatment to restore face tissues, to improve an optimal blood flow and circulation, to bring a powerful lacher-prise and a deep release of tensions. A comprehensive way to preserve health, beauty and youth.

If you are a massage therapist, or a beauty therapist, and you share my values around natural beauty…

If you want to guide your clients on the path to “ageing well” and stand out thanks to the quality of your treatments, with immediate results from the very first session…

If you are convinced that beauty is the reflection of internal harmony and that massage is one of the best ways to achieve that…

And finally, if you are looking for a concrete, proven solution to grow your clientele quickly, in a sustainable way, whilst further developing yourself as a professional…

Then Facelift Holistic Experience® is for you.

I train beauty amateurs and professionals at all stages of expertise and experience.

The complete Facelift Holistic Experience® training is adapted to the most advanced trainees.

Standalone modules of the Facelift Holistic Experience® are adapted to beauticians of all levels.

Modules of the Natural Facelift Pathway are tailored for beginners and beauty addicts, those whose profession does not revolve around beauty and well being and who maybe do not even practice the art of massage yet.

My courses are therefore accessible to all. I will direct you to the most adapted ones when we speak in order to make the most our of them.

Throughout the course, focus is put on practical teaching and practice.

That being said, I also teach you the theory behind “ageing well”, which is essential to understand how everything works together. The course material helps you learn quickly and shows you how to practice the movements you’ll learn.

The full Facelift Holistic Experience® training is made of five theoretical and practical teaching modules. The modules don’t follow the Facelift Holistic Experience® protocol step by step. Instead, they are taught in order of technical complexity, so each movement is mastered by the end of the course.

I’m unsure if we want to be back to what we used to be or rather prepare to feel and look good on every single day that’s coming up… I therefore endeavour to leave the word “rejuvenation” behind.

My intention is to support my clients in ageing gracefully with efficient (but highly demanding) manual techniques.

My focus has therefore been to create an unrivalled manual well-ageing experience.

We are all affected, at some point, by the unpleasant signs of the time passing. To different degrees, this makes us self-conscious, makes us lose confidence.

These days, there are a plethora of anti-ageing solutions on the market, ranging from the most gentle to the highly invasive ones, all to help maintain our youthful looks. Our past and our personal convictions will guide us when making decisions, one way or another.

There is no judgement made on individuals’ choices. However, I’m sure you have understood that the path I would like to lead you down is that of natural beauty.

Many are those who want to “age well” without changing the structure or the appearance of their face artificially. They accept themselves just as they are. Their wrinkles are part of their life story. They are looking for natural methods to postpone and reduce the signs of aging while keeping their authenticity. I build solutions for them.

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