Train your face as you Train your body

Our face needs regular training to maintain good muscle tone.

Before starting any training, a diagnosis is required to tailor-make made fitness session for you. Like a sports session for the body muscles, an analysis of the imbalances between over used and passive will be useful.

Does my face change if I workout?

With face exercises, we are able to change the volume and structure of the face.

We start activating muscles and increasing blood circulation and this helps with collagen and elastin production .

Exercising face muscles also increases bone density and helps to eliminate toxins and stalled lymph much faster.

When the face is sagging due to gravitation, the lymph and liquid come and stay.

Face exercises not only have an impact on muscles and skin but also on the brain and glands.

Face exercises improve the blood and lymph circulation, provide required tnutrition and oxygenation to the brain and glands.

By improving circulation of he glands, everything works better:

We sleep better, breathe better, are able to concentrate and are more productive.

How does it work ?

To improve the structure of the face, we have to create the best resistance and counter resistance

while one muscle pulls in one direction, the other one pulls in the opposite direction. Elasticity allows the skin to return back in place once stretched.

The fibers tear apart, and the healing process starts recovering and building stronger muscles.

Face Yoga is a routine of facial exercises that are scientifically proven to make your skin look younger and reverse the effects of aging, strengthen the muscles, prevent the face from sagging, and improve skin hydration .

Come and join us for a Face workout journey at the studio and experience your face training!

Florence Laval

Florence Laval

Physiofacialist Master, creator of the Facelift Holistic Experience® and the Natural Facelift Pathway,
owner of Florence Laval Studios in Paris (FR) & Den Haag (NL)

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