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Florence Laval, Physiofacialist Master

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The Facelift Holistic Experience® Academy

Complete Facelift Holistic Experience®

Learn a unique method; a synergy of the best Eastern holistic approaches combined with my physiotherapy experience to enhance and reveal the potential of the body and face. It’s both energetic and therapeutic treatment protocol that transforms the face by instant lifting, bringing the inner beauty to shine out.

Face Lymphatic Drainage & Detox

Learn the essential manual techniques and master the use of the best beauty tools, targeted at each area of the face, neck and chest to detox the tissues, get the glow back and drain excess water.

Intermediate Ancestral Kobido

Learn the world's most sophisticated ancestral lifting and anti-ageing face massage techniques: feather stroking, kneading, tapping, vibrations, stimulating acupoints. Subtle, gentle yet deep movements.

Advanced Ancestral Kobido

Master the techniques of Kobido, the ballet of fingers dancing on the face as taught by Dr. Shogo Mochizuki. The utmost respect and gratitude to Master Mochizuki my mentor and teacher. gentle

Face Fitness

Learn techniques to sculpt and plump the face, to stimulate the muscles and make them fully active, elastic and toned. The method includes: bone stimulation, trait-tirés, fascia release, guided active muscle stimulation, intra oral massage and the use of the face ball.

Body Release

Learn a protocol targeted at the back, neck, shoulders and skull to stimulate the body’s energy flow and to help the body find an optimal posture and the face its full potential. It’s combination of stretching and acupressure manoeuvers followed by an oil massage conducted using thumbs, hands, forearms and elbows.

training courses for beauty enthusiasts & beginners

The Natural Facelift Pathway

Forever Young Face Massage

Learn an anti-ageing face protocol and the associated manual therapy techniques to treat those you love with a sensorial experience.

Ancestral Kobido Essentials

Learn the essentials of the most sophisticated Japanese ancestral lifting and anti-ageing face massage technique.

Upper Body Relaxation

Learn to release tension and stress thanks to a relaxing protocol targeting the upper body (back, shoulders, neck).

Face Workout Program

Learn to train 40 muscles in your face, neck and skull in order to activate and sculpt your face with a mix of face yoga, self-massage and tools.

Legs Drain & Sculpt

Learn to relieve heavy legs, drain excess fluids and reduce the orange peel skin appearance.

A sensorial journey to optimised beauty

In Paris & Den Haag

The training courses take place in the serenity and refinement of Florence Laval Studios.

In French & English

Every training course is taught in both languages to ensure that everyone feels comfortable.

In very small groups

Groups are formed with a limited number of participants in order to allow guided and supervised practice.

Students' experience

Apart from being a spectacular massage therapist and facialist, Florence Laval is an amazing teacher and mentor. I'm so proud to follow her Facelift Holistic Experience training. It's the fruit of years of study and experience, combining many holistic approaches and contemporary ones. I really respect her passion and dedication.
Nancy R.
The Face Workout Program at Florence Laval Studio was an amazing experience. Florence gives meticulous attention to detail and guides us through the exercises to drain and sculpt the face, step by step. We were required to practice it before moving onto the next set of facial exercises. As the sessions progressed, the improvement was quite visible. Other than the face yoga exercises, Florence also showed us how to effectively use the guasha, cup, quartz roller and mushroom and the Dian Chan rollers for drainage and sculpting. At the end of the session, we were happily suprised as she gave each of us an individual face yoga plan, adapted to our needs. Personally, I found it very useful and can highly recommend it.
Almas M.
I participated in the Face Workout Program organized by Florence. We took pictures of my face before and after the session and the differences are clearly visible. It is really amazing ! Thank you Florence !
Vicky V.
It is the experience of kobido facial treatment at Florence Laval Studio that made me want to explore it indepth. And… here I am - on my third module of Holistic Facelift Experience with Florence.
There are scores of courses and trainings that offer facial yoga, facial fitness, facial rejuvenation etc. Every second girl on Instagram or Tik Tok is a guasha expert or skin care expert. So Why Florence Laval? Well, it is a comprehensively structured programme that outlines its specific philosophy and approach, lays scientific foundation, provides theoretic knowledge and then applies all of the above into practice. And... practice is the keyword here.
How to make your fingers dance How to make them flutter like butterflies? How to alternate pace and tempo? How to synchronise movement of the right and left hand? How to create this visual spectacle that is kobido. Not a walk in the park but a serious rigorous training requiring hours of predicated practice. Challenging ? Yes! Intense? Definitely! But also stimulating, inspiring, and rewarding.
Florence is a methodical, patient, generous teacher who best embodies her education program: high standards, rigour, precision, creativity. I feel fortunate to learn from such dedicated passionate professional and look forward to starting to offer the Facelift Holistic Experience to my clients.
Lucy B.


I create on-demand unique treatment protocols for beauty products, brands, salons, spas and beauty institutes. I bring these to life through training sessions for professionals.

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A passionate physiofacialist and the mastermind behind the Facelift Holistic Experience®. The past 20 years, I’ve helped my clients to live positively in confidence, age gracefully and feel good in their skin. My treatments produce impressive transformative results. They help reveal the beauty, restore youth, bring the body and mind in harmony, boost the energy and inner wellbeing. It’s time for me now to pass on this experience to other professionals who aspire the same holistic approach. I’m also developing protocols for brands, spas & institutes.

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