the 3 founding principles of the facelift holistic experience®

Deceleration + Release of tensions + Disconnection

the birth of a powerful sensorial experience

Taking the above trio into consideration, I have created the Facelift Holistic Experience®, a unique experience to preserve health, beauty and youth by:

Far more than a massage, the Facelift Holistic Experience® is a sensorial journey, both an energy treatment and a therapeutic one. It is jam-packed full of techniques which give instant results: a natural “10 years younger” facelift, a rested body and mind, and new-found energy.

the facelift holistic experience® certifying training

The Facelift Holistic Experience® is a holistic treatment, thanks to the complementary techniques used which have a positive impact on the various components of ageing as well as on the body and mind as a whole. It is taught to experienced professionals in a comprehensive, demanding and certifying training of about 96 hours made of 6 steps:

Face Lymphatic Drainage & Detox
2 days of training

Learn the essential manual techniques and master the use of the best beauty tools, targeted for specific areas of the face, neck and chest to drain, detox and sculpt for an immediat glowing effect.

Ancestral Kobido - Intermediate Level
2 days of training

Learn the world's most sophisticated ancestral lifting and anti-ageing techniques for a natural lift: stroking, kneading, tapping, vibrations, stimulating acupoints. Subtle, gentle yet deep movements.