The origins of kobido

Kobido massage has been highly acclaimed in France for a few years now and is being taught by a number of schools.

In France, since a few years, kobido massage has been highly acclaimed by its followers and has become very popular. Many schools offering the teaching of kobido have emerged.

Before coming to the Netherlands, I had the privilege and great honor of following the training with Master Shogo Mochizuki for two years. It was a rigorous and intense training. And for the past 7 years, as a Kobido Facialist, I have been offering kobido face massages in my studio in The Hague. Currently, I’m the only direct student of the Master to practice kobido in the Netherlands.

More than a massage it is an art- an ancestral Japanese art. Not many people know about this magnificent facial massage here, that’s why I would like to introduce you to it  by telling you about its origin…

Kobido, dating back to the 15th Century, is the most ancient and the most technical of Japanese facial massage techniques. It was created during a competition between two masters of “anma” (an antique Chinese massage). The competition, which lasted for months, involved performing facial treatments using one of the most difficult anma techniques, “kyoku-te”.

During the competition, the two masters, recognizing each other’s respective skills, decided to join forces and work together. They created a new house called “kobido”. Together, they came up with 48 techniques, each of which involves many variants. Today, kobido features more than a thousand different techniques which have been passed down from masters to students across generations.

This ancestral facial massage has been renowned for several centuries in Japan as one of the best facial care techniques. This beauty ritual was once reserved only for the Empresses. Unlike other facials, it not only works towards improving the quality of the skin, but also reaches deep into the muscle structure and the vital energy (Ki).

In Japan, beauty is the reflection of good physical, psychological and spiritual health. And the face is the most visible indicator of Ki’s condition. Therefore, a beautiful glowing face can only be achieved if the Ki is balanced.
By working directly on the acupressure points and the meridians that are located on the face, Kobido improves the circulation of the Ki, while balancing and aligning the condition of the internal organs.

The benefits of kobido provide more than just facial care: they improve the overall health and well being. And a regular treatment does wonders to the face irrespective of one’s age.

Dr Shogo Mochizuki, the 26th generation Master of the Kobido, was my Master Trainer. It is with gratitude that I am now able to use the two-years rigorous training incorporating several kobido techniques required necessary to provide  the Facelift Holistic Experience® .

And I am happy to say that these techniques are part of my Signature Massage and training for professionals that I conduct in The Hague and in Paris.

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The kobido massage is truly one to be experienced. I have clients who took it once and are now hooked on it.

Give it a try and I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Gracefully yours,


Florence Laval

Florence Laval

Physiofacialist Master, creator of the Facelift Holistic Experience® and the Natural Facelift Pathway,
owner of Florence Laval Studios in Paris (FR) & Den Haag (NL)

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